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Pleasing the Ladies 101

You might see on movies how women talk about their sex lives and share little secrets. What you see iscockring true, women do this. They are not into sharing tiny details, they will only give each other the general scope and impression of your lovemaking abilities. It's not as detailed as you think because other women don't want to hear the details like you would see in a porn flick. They won't discuss your pointed head, your rounded head or even your penis size.

Size does matter but it's not as important as it may seem. There are certain sexual positions you can use that give the deepest penetration possible so that she won't even notice what you are lacking. Position is more important then size. Performance is everything. Research sexual positions, the reverse wheelbarrow is good for getting deep penetrations. get creative and it will make up for anything that is lacking. Maybe you should pick up a sex positions book or do some research on the Internet. Women love a different style of lover, you will be sure to get her interests aroused and make her come back to see what you will do the next time you have sex,try penis extensions or vibrating cock rings to turn your cock into a sex toy

If you are still obsessed with size, try a penis extension. They roll on your penis like a condom. There are two different types, the roll-on extension and the slip on. The roll on are usually made of latex and only give length but the slip on add to your length and girth. Another great advantage of penis extensions is that they help to reduce your sensation and they allow you to last longer. Don't think that she won't notice your extension, she will but tell her that you wear it for her pleasure only. She won't think your penis is small, in fact she will love the squishy soft feel, it's like turning your cock into a sex toy.

Another great secret is to try using sex toys on her. That will be the best way to begin foreplay. Use a dildo or vibrator but be careful in choosing a size, most women don't like to be stretched to the max, they don't want to feel like they are on display and like they are making a porn movie. Keep it small and simple, like a plastic vibrator, they are usually slim and small but they pack a powerful punch so it will definitely arouse her.

Try wearing a cock ring. The vibrating cock rings are a brand new sex toy for couples that are not really popular yet and it is your chance to be the first to show her how great they really an be. You will also notice your erection will be more firm and the vibrations will give her a strong feel, it's like turning your penis into a vibrator. Just a side note that you may find you will reach orgasm sooner because the vibrations will affect you too, so put on some penis desensitizer before your sexual encounter and it will give you come extra staying power.

Women like emotional appeal, caress her body, touch her face, run your fingers through her hair. Kiss her all over, run your tongue in the little crevasses in her body - not the private caresses - the non-sexual ones, like the crease where her hipbone meet her belly. By paying attention to the non-sexual areas of her body, it will show her that you are about the whole sexual experience, not just the sex and then leave. She will love the enveloping feel of your encounter.

Pleasing the ladies is all about knowing how to use what you have and doing some research into making your technique better. Adding adult products can help too but the most important is confidence, it can make or break your chances at love and even affect how attractive you are to the opposite sex.

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